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The KB-4000 PUR Explained...

The FKS PrintBind KB-4000 is a single clamp binder offering high quality, on-demand perfect binding. The KB-4000 utilises the benefits of both PUR and EVA Hotmelt glues, PUR is applied down the spine of the book, providing a strong and durable finish. The book block is then side glued using the quick drying Hotmelt glue, allowing the operator to handle the book soon after being produced. The PUR binder features a closed tank system, as a result, no fumes are emitted and the PUR glue inside the system is preserved for longer.


  •  Fully Automatic set up
  • Small footprint
  • Closed PUR glue tank operation
  • Colour touch screen control
  • Secure and accurate book production
  • PUR Slot Nozzle spine gluing
  • Automatic Hotmelt side gluing
  • Glue cut off 

Typical Applications

  •  Photographic albums
  • Journals: Medical, Scientific, Educational
  • Paperbacks: Fiction, Children's, Adult
  • Directories
  • Instruction manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Postcard Packs
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